Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am so sad that I've been absent for so long! I was trying to balance multiple new jobs and had to put Pocketful of Posies on the back burner. However, I was just hired as the Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble, so now I will have one reliable, steady position (with a salary and benefits!!!) and I can get back to what I love.

Oh, in other amazing news, Matt and I close on our house this coming Monday! I'll be posting pictures and design ideas (plus lots of general loveliness) as soon as possible. Bear in mind that I might not have internet during the move, so please continue to be patient until things have settled down a bit.

<3 Shira

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  1. congrats! and I am so excited about the new position- let me know if you guys need any help moving ;) so happy for you!