Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Matthew has been really interested in grilling for the past two summers or so. Thinking of that, we have been talking a lot about hosting barbecues for friends at our new house this summer. I was shopping around online just to see how much outdoor furniture costs and was astonished to see the amazing furniture sets available these days. The colors, fabrics, and pillows I saw made it seem like the patio is just another room inside a house--and I love it! These "rooms" are wonderful & finally give the warmth and comfort to the outside that I have been seeking.

via Crate & Barrel

via West Elm

via Pottery Barn

What do you think of this new indoors-outside trend? Also, please let me know if you've seen any budget-friendly outdoor furniture options available in this area.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring blooms

While I was out running errands today I drove by a small tree that was already in full bloom--covered in large pink blossoms, glowing in a ray of sunshine. I couldn't quit staring, and consequently almost rear-ended the car in front of me. Thankfully, I noticed just in time to save my bumper. Regardless, that gorgeous spring tree has been on my mind ever since.

As soon as I got home I started searching for images of spring flowers. I quickly came across these gorgeous photos {below} from J Crew's Spring 2009 Catalog. I can't seem to find a link back to the archive catalog, but did find one for their gorgeous Spring 2010 wedding line. Anyway, as pretty as the dresses featured below are, I just can't quit looking at the beautiful hydrangeas in the background. I guess you could say I've caught a case of spring fever!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our house...

is a very, very, very, fine house; with two cats dogs in the yard.... BUT we're ready for something of our very own!

Matt and I have been trying to work our way through the short sale process to buy the adorable house featured below, for oh, about 3 1/2 months now... It is totally our dream house, but also is completely within our budget. We were approved and ready to sign and close, when some big complication (looooong story!) made us have to start the entire process over.

Uggh! I am losing all my patience, and I thought that maybe we just needed a little more luck. So, if you could please cross your fingers for us, that would be fantastic! We should hear a final verdict some time this week, and although our Realtor is confident, every bit of luck we can get will only make me feel more confident.

Thanks all!

Eye Candy Du Jour

A friend (Ruth Howard from Boise's Cakewalk Custom Cakes) just turned me on to the beautiful website and blog from Amy Atlas Events. The dessert tables, candies, and cakes pictured here are absolutely breathtaking! Not only are they amazing eye candy, but they also inspire many great ideas for creating beautiful tablescapes for every event one can throw. I am excited to see what I can put together for this summer's upcoming housewarming, engagement, and birthday parties I'll be planning. The color combinations, desserts, textured linens, and personalized details truly make these tables one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Artfully Designed Tablescape

Last week at Boise's Weddings Week 2010 there was a competition element; several companies were challenged with creating an artfully designed tablescape. The tables ranged from bohemian to classic and trendy to vintage. One of them--designed by Ampersand Studios--was absolutely memorable and lovely! As a photography and design company, it is more about the elements on paper that the girls (Francesca & Nichole) designed than any real wedding decor. However, everything included--from the table made from an old door and 4x4 posts to the birdcages hanging above the table--was absolutely gorgeous. The creative, cohesive design has inspired me to use DIY projects to enhance my home decor, instead of buying everything new.

Here are some photos of the table:

Be sure to visit Ampersand Studios for more lovely ideas!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy bee

Hello all, I apologize for my extended leave of absence. I have been working with JAK Publications over the past two weeks to organize Weddings Week in Boise.

What is Weddings Week, you may ask? Well, it's only the coolest wedding showcase event to hit Boise--ever! Picture New York fashion week, "Say Yes to the Dress", and your dream wedding planner all rolled in to one amazing week-long event. The excitement started yesterday at BSU's Stueckle Sky Center. I got the chance to step away from my post for a while to mingle and ended up with hundreds of dollars in freebies... and that was only a fraction of what was available.

For all the amazing event details make sure you check out and If you are interested in attending the event, please send me an email ( and I will make sure you receive either free one-day admission or a promo code to receive 50% off the All-Access Pass.