Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Artfully Designed Tablescape

Last week at Boise's Weddings Week 2010 there was a competition element; several companies were challenged with creating an artfully designed tablescape. The tables ranged from bohemian to classic and trendy to vintage. One of them--designed by Ampersand Studios--was absolutely memorable and lovely! As a photography and design company, it is more about the elements on paper that the girls (Francesca & Nichole) designed than any real wedding decor. However, everything included--from the table made from an old door and 4x4 posts to the birdcages hanging above the table--was absolutely gorgeous. The creative, cohesive design has inspired me to use DIY projects to enhance my home decor, instead of buying everything new.

Here are some photos of the table:

Be sure to visit Ampersand Studios for more lovely ideas!

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  1. I so agree I loved their tablescape- and if we ever get our house, I told them I'd buy it off their hands!